Weekly Wishes- Over halfway through summer institute!

Week 5 is here! It’s my last week with actual students and I’ve already started missing my kids. We’ve had a bumpy road along the way but we’ve all grown so much and these kids really mean so much to me.

This weekend I took an impromptu road trip to see my friend Laura in Louisville, KY! It was perfectly timed and totally needed. We had a blast hanging out and going out and ordering in food and catching up on life. Now I’m back in Chicago ready to take on a whole new week!

Last week, my goals were to:

1) Have a better week.

2) Blog more! 

3) Keep on, keeping on. 

These goals are sticking around for yet another week as I have some thinking and some healing to do around here. Though I’m not quite ready to write about it yet, there have been some events lately that haven’t been the greatest around here. I promise to fill you all in soon! Having said all that, any extra positive vibes, thoughts, and prayers you could send this way would be totally appreciated.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are getting a fabulous start to the week!

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