Weekly Wishes!

weekly wishes

Oh my word, you guys. Last time I came to this here blog of mine was to post a weekly wishes post and then I disappeared. Though, I had good reason. I’ve been in Idaho at my parent’s house enjoying family, all the food and ALL the puppies! I literally didn’t even open up my computer until last night to answer some emails. It’s been beautiful to be a little more disconnected than usual and be able to really be present here. We had a lovely Christmas filled with singing for our presents (a family tradition) and playing with the pups around the Christmas tree. Now it is time to prepare for work and school to return for me, though I’m still lucky enough to be able to get work done from here for another week before I head back to Chicago!

I’m happy to say I accomplished all my goals last week and am ready for some brand new ones to close out this year! Next week I will be posting my word of the year and goals for 2015, so I’ll keep this week’s short and sweet!

|ONE| Blog ahead and schedule posts for at least a week. Gotta start small, right?

|TWO| Finish Me Before You and start a new book. I have been LOVING this one and know I need an excellent one to follow it to keep this streak going. I’ve been reading nothing but great books lately and I’m ALL about it.

|THREE| Enjoy my remaining time here in Idaho as much as possible. Having 4 dogs and a cat in the house it’s easy to love being here and having someone to snuggle with all the time! I’m also trying to squeeze in visits with as many friends as possible before I leave but it seems there is never enough time!

What are you goals for this week? Will you join me in talking about yearly goals next week? I’m SO excited for the refreshment that always seems to come with the new year.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes!

  1. Debra Needles

    Singing for your presents? I love that! I have never heard of it, but it sounds awesome! I knew from your first sentence you are from the west (I live in Utah). I am from Dubuque, Iowa, which is 3 hrs from Chicago, so I have been to Chicago plenty of times—such a cool city! I started following you on bloglovin’. You write really well 🙂

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  3. Lauren

    haha I totally get distracted when I’m with family. I NEED to blog before trips I go on, or else it doesn’t get done haha!

  4. Angela

    This week I plan to get goals for 2015 written out and organized as I begin to expand my small business and prepare for growth. and come up with even more positive blog post.


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