Weekly Wishes

weekly wishes

I’m in 3 day weekend mode over here, so I’m not too sad to be seeing Monday come around. Not too sad at all. I just got back from a brunch at one of my professor’s houses. 2 of my classmates and I spent the morning (and some of the afternoon) discussing successes and frustrations of being first year special education teachers. We were able to get a lot of feedback and advice from her and I’m super excited for things to come in my classroom.

I’ll be spending the rest of the day of working from home before I head back into the fold tomorrow! I have to admit though- I already am missing my students and I’m excited to get back into my classroom tomorrow. I’m ready. Getting sick wasn’t exactly in my ideal weekend plans, but I’m glad have had this weekend to rest and be feeling well enough to go back to work and school tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll be back to normal super soon.

With this renewed peace of mind, my goals for this week are to:

  1. Keep up with blogging. Not having internet at my house last week left me in a bit of a rut, but I’m ready to get back into my regular blogging grind. Internet is still a little shaky, but I’ve been exploring around my neighborhood for good places to get work done and connect to get some blogging done.
  2. Do well on my formal observation this week. My not-so-favorite part about teaching is these observations where they expect the classroom to be extraordinarily, unrealistically perfect. I mean of course MY classroom runs smoothly and perfectly all of the time, what am I saying? Ugh. I wish. So, I will just do my best and keep on keeping on teaching these kids.
  3. Get ahead on some grad school work. I have only 2 weeks left of this term before classes are over and I’d like to get most of the major work done this week so I can have one week “off” before starting my new class. A girl can hope!
  4. As is the usual around here, find some time to put myself first. I don’t do enough self care and checking in on myself so I try to make it an “always” goal to take care of myself at some point too.

That’s it for the week! What are your goals this week? Let me know in the comments so we can cheer each other on!

18 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes

  1. Emily

    Ah! One of my goals this week is to get out of my blogging rut and back on schedule too! Life sure does like to get in the way sometimes, right?

    Also, good luck on your formal observation this week! It sounds like you really love teaching so I’m sure that it will go great!!


    1. Destiny Post author

      Thanks so much! I think it went well- I guess we’ll see in a few weeks! Good luck getting back on the blogging schedule too!

  2. Kate

    I, like you, need to get back into more blogging as well! Good LUCK and make sure to squeeze in some me time. I think it may help you get back into blogging 🙂

    Glad I found you via the Nectar Collective!


    1. Destiny Post author

      Exactly! Not having internet has thrown off my whole blogging routine! Hopefully I’ll be getting it back this weekend so I’ll be back to normal!

  3. A. Sparkle

    Glad I’m not alone on the blogging tip here.. Sometimes it feels like I only allow myself to post weekly wishes posts! I’m determined to do better. 🙂 To me that also falls under the putting myself first umbrella.. I’ve started doing a little better and if I can so can you! Good luck with all of your goals this week and I hope you have a great observation!


    1. Destiny Post author

      Oh I feel you on that! Sometimes this is the one post I can get out too. We can do it! Good luck to you too!


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