Weekly Wishes.

Weekly Wishes

Can you tell I’ve been doing some dreaming of next year’s vacation lately? Greece is looking like more and more of an option!

You should all be so proud of me. I actually managed to blog 3 whole times last week! I’m getting back into my groove and it feels so good.

This past week with my students has been incredible. They all warm my heart so much and I feel so lucky to have this job, in this city, with these kids. Now if I can just manage to continue to stay on top of my grad school work at the same time, we’ll be good!

This weekend has been for fro-yo, friends, and food. Oh Chicago, you and your food. I seriously feel like we could eat at a different restaurant every weekend and never run out of places that are SO GOOD. Once I get some more experience here, I’ll start posting about my favorites. It’s going to be so hard to choose!

Last week, my goals were to:

1) Get to know my students! Absolutely! And it’s been amazing getting to know their little souls.

2) Get all my homework done for my grad school class! Uhm, well, ya know. I’m still working on it, I have a paper due tomorrow!

3) Continue to try to make time for myself- yoga, blogging, reading, walking, something! I’ve definitely been walking lots around town, I got caught up on blog reading, and still need to find more time to move my body outside of school.

4) Keep up (at least mostly) with the Blog-tember challenge! I feel like I did pretty good with this- 3 isn’t too bad! I’ll try to do more this week.

This week, I am going to:

1) Make self-care a priority. It is so so important that I remember to do things to make myself happy in the midst of all the busy times!

2) Keep up with my grad school work. Pretty self-explanatory.

3) Meet all my different advisers/supervisors. I have some from TFA, some from my grad program, and of course some from my school. 

I am SO looking forward to meeting this week head on. I’m feeling so good lately! How are you feeling? Let me help you out- leave me a message in the comments!

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