Weekly Wishes!

Weekly Wishes

My 4th grade classroom for the summer!

Y’all, institute is so REAL. We’re 2 weeks into it now and even though I’ve started settling into a rhythm, it’s a very jumpy, unpredictable, and fast paced rhythm! It’s hard to believe that 2 weeks ago I hadn’t even met anyone yet and now we’re as close as you can possibly be with people you’ve only known a short time. Then again, we all live, work, and study in the same buildings and are all going through the same struggle right now. It’s amazing how quickly you form such strong relationships in times like these!

I had a great weekend spending time with my dad and his visit couldn’t have been timed better. I was definitely in need of some family time and there are things you just can’t get from anyone else. We laughed and loved and I was comforted beyond measure. Plus having both my Daddy and D in the same place was such a heartwarming sight!

Last week, my goals were to:

1) Be the best teacher I can possibly be for these students. I’m trying. So hard. These kids are breaking my heart every single day and every day I come in fresh with something new. And I will just keep trying things until it works!

2) Plan out days with my colab group. I really got lucky with my group. Their support and encouragement has been key. We’ve been good about planning and working together!

3) Keep a positive attitude throughout the week. Trying. It’s hard, of course. But it will all be worth it.

4) Enjoy Chicago! This one I’ll keep working on. I just haven’t had time to explore yet! Hopefully over the long weekend I’ll do this!

5) Do laundry and normal human stuff.  LOL NOPE. Overrated. Who needs to be human, anyway? haha.

This week, I’m really going to try to:

1) Have a better week. Last week was ROUGH. They really aren’t kidding when they say summer training will push you to your very limits in every way.

2) Blog more! I managed to write 2 whole posts last week, so now I’ll shoot for 3!

3) Keep on, keeping on. Friday I wanted to throw my hands up and give up. Saturday I grieved over a loss that took place far away. Sunday my best friend from high school suffered a loss that blew us all away. This summer training is hard, and real life is still going on outside of it. I need to keep that in mind and just know that continuing right now is the best thing I can do for myself and everyone around me.

That’s all for this week! What are your goals this week? Let me cheer you on and distract me a little from this wildly busy life! I miss hearing about all that’s going on!

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