Weekly Wishes!

Weekly Wishes

Oh. My. Word. This weekend was pure bliss. It was D’s last weekend of freedom before he heads up to Chicago and enters the real world, and my heart had been longing for the ocean for so long. We decided a quick little weekend trip was the perfect way to celebrate and enjoy life down here where it’s warm before Chicago.

We played with some dolphins while on a boat our first day, then spent time on the shore enjoying the water and food and drinks and all of that that comes with time on the beach. Now I am sun tanned a little burnt (my face, ouch) and feeling super refreshed and ready to take on these last few weeks before I head up to Chicago too!

Since last week I set goals for the month, I’ll jump straight into this week’s goals!

1) List all of my furniture on Craigslist. Hopefully someone will want my like-new things and I can get a little more money for moving.

2) Work on my TFA pre-institute work more. I got a little behind on this which is definitely not something I want to allow myself to do.

3) DO LAUNDRY. Goodness I need to do this.

4) Get everything set up for moving- schedule my gas and electricity to be turned off and such.

That will take care of this week! What are your goals for the week? Let me know so I can help you along!

12 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes!

  1. Karen

    Playing with dolphins sounds like so much fun! Laundry always seems to be neverending for me, I finally feel like I’m caught up and then there are like 5 more loads lol. Have a great week and good luck selling your stuff!!

  2. Kschattner

    Good idea about the Craigslist posting! I haven’t even thought about what we should do with the furniture we won’t be keeping when we move!

    1. Destiny

      We got most of our furniture on Craigslist when we moved in, so we’re hoping to get rid of it the same way! I’m just really concerned about my mattress. I bought it brand new because used mattresses bothered me but now I know I’ll have to sell it for way less!

  3. Cheryn @ Ruby Square

    Sounds like you had a blissful week indeed! Lots of practical goals for the week – hope you manage to get through them all! Hope you manage to sell your furniture too! Have a great week 🙂

  4. Ali Berlinski

    You’re moving to Chicago! How exciting slash stressful! I hope you get everything you need to done, and even if not, then I’m sure everything will work out and that you’ll have a great move! Happy weekly wishing!


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