Top 10 Search Terms That Brought You Here

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How did you find my blog? No, really, I’m curious! I’ve made so many good friends and connections through blogging- it still blows my mind. And most of these good friends I came upon by chance or through other blogs and we just hit it off, it’s amazing. Now some of the people below may not have quite found what they were looking for here, but they made me laugh all the same, so we could probably be friends.

Looking at these search terms are endlessly entertaining to me. These are my absolute favorites from the past few months. They’re great. Really. Look. (My thoughts in italics)

“It’s hard to be me in my position”  (I mean, really though)

“Shemar Moore’s daughter” (I’d rather be his wife, but ya know, to each their own)

“I am willing to work hard” (That’s great! Let’s chat about it)

“I’m really strong biceps” (Pretty sure I’ve never written about this)

“large picture of extrovert” (hmmm…)

“small town girl” (living in a lonely world?)

“creeper van” (most likely coming from my post about Criminal Minds)

“cats and destiny” (this is one of my favorite favorites!)

“I don’t understand fashion” (true)

“have i told you how beautiful you are today” (no, but it’s always good to hear!)


Google is a strange, funny little world, isn’t it? Every time I check these stats I end up laughing and trying to figure out how these relate to anything I’ve written. It’s a fun game.

So, how did you find my blog? A random Google search? My mom? (Hi Mom!) Let me know!

For bloggers- what are some of your favorite search terms that have lead to your blog?

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Search Terms That Brought You Here

  1. Vicky C

    Fun post! I found your blog through the Blog Love Facebook group, so no random searching for me :). I haven’t checked out the search terms for my blog in a few months, but this is making me want to open another tab and check it out! Too funny! 🙂

  2. Debbie @ Coach Debbie Runs

    I actually came over from Facebook (Blog Love), but it is always fun to see how people get to your blog. I just checked my search terms and they include “vegan cheese recipe,” “had breast biopsy,” (yes I wrote about that, it’s my most popular post of all time), and “my floater is bigger than before (that would be my eye floater).”

  3. Fabiola

    lol 😀 I have never looked at the search terms that bring people to my blog, but I’m going to do that right now. FYI, I found your blog through a facebook group, so I’m not in the weird search terms list 😉


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