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taking stock currently

Just popping in before the weekend to check in with myself, and you, by taking stock of what’s going on right now. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.


Making : craft preparations for next week. My classroom is about to have lots of pots of gold hanging in it!
Cooking : Nothing, I’m about to hop in my car and head to Kentucky for the weekend!
Drinking : Hot tea & honey. My throat is still a bit sore from being sick.
Reading: The Reason I Jump. Excellent book, especially for those of us who care for and love children with autism.
Wanting: to be able to breathe regularly through my nose again!
Looking: Forward to more spring weather! It’s finally bearable to be outside and my soul is so happy for it.
Wishing: For these next few weeks to FLY. I can’t wait for spring break and seeing my family!
Enjoying: Sweet moments with my kids. They may drive me wild some days but they are the brightest lights in this world, and I try to consciously be appreciative of the time I have with them.
Waiting: For the dryer to finish so I can pack up those clothes and take some with me for the weekend!
Wondering: What kind of fun Laura and I will find this weekend!
Loving: Everything having to do with #fireworkpeople. I am so lucky to have found this incredible community of women.ย 
Hoping: For a smooth day for my co-teacher. I hate missing work and leaving her alone in the classroom! She is more than capable, I just know it’s not the best feeling.
Needing: To do my taxes. Oops.
Smelling: The new air freshener I put in my room the other day. Fresh linen smells just make my day!
Wearing: Yoga pants and a sweatshirt, I should probably change…
Following: Along with currently events thanks to the Skimm
Noticing: How much better my mood is in general when the sun is shining. Ahhhhh.
Thinking: About my weekend to-do list before the weekend has even started… Oh boy.
Bookmarking: Lots of blog posts on Bloglovin’ that I haven’t had time to read but I want to go back to!
Giggling: Over texts and puppy pictures from the family. The best.
Feeling: Pretty darn good about life.

7 thoughts on “Taking Stock | Currently

  1. Caroline

    This is a great idea! I don’t do my own taxes (thankfully), but I’m actually anxious to get them done. Never know, might get a bit of money back ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Jamie

    This is a cute post idea! I haven’t seen it done this way before! I also thought about how happy the spring sunshine makes me today while I was at the zoo with my family! Soaking in the rays just lightens my heart! Have a fun trip!


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