The season I’m in.

Season I'm In

Every day as a part of our morning routine, I ask my students what season we’re in and ask them to describe how they know. My kids are a bunch of smart cookies so this is becoming a simple task for them to figure out.

The other day, however, I began to think about a different type of season. A season I’m in. I’ve heard people describe the season I’m in and the lifestyle I live as a waiting season. A season where I have things mostly figured out, but am waiting for the next step- that great love, a child, for my life to begin. However, I just don’t feel like I fit in with a waiting season. I’m not waiting. My life is happening. I am absolutely not the kind of woman who needs a husband or child to begin my life.

There are so many other ways that I feel like describe the stage and season of life that I’m in right now.

A working season.

I am working. Hard. Every day. Mentally, physically, emotionally. This season is one of hard work and passion and doing as much work as possible while still keeping my balance.

A busy season.

This is a season where being busy is the norm for me and will be for a while. Between work, grad school, TFA commitments, and trying to have some sort of a social life, busy is the way this will be for a while.

An exhausting season.

I suppose this goes with the above. I am fully exhausted in the best of ways. So much to do, think, say, and feel!

A fulfilling season.

This life that I’m living and this season is absolutely fulfilling. i feel as though I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. My children fill my heart up so much. My friends and TFA peers are the most amazing, inspiring people I have ever met. This is hard, hard work, but it is so worth it. I find joy in my work and seeing growth in my students.

You are exactly where you need to be

Based on my word this year, I could absolutely call this-
A thriving season.

Mixing everything up together, I feel like I am truly living out my word of the year. I am growing and learning and doing my best.

I am living.

There’s no time for waiting in this season of mine!


2 thoughts on “The season I’m in.

    1. Destiny Post author

      Thank you! I feel like I’m doing pretty great on my own and right where I am. I don’t need a next step. Not yet, anyway.


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