Oh hey, Friday!

oh hey friday!

It has been a week!

Understatement of the year? Probably, but I’m calling it anyway. I know last week was the full moon but I swear my students were feeling the effects this week. Even still, I had a lot of fun this week with them. I mean it doesn’t get much better than being able to learn to write the letter D, amiright?

For this week’s 5 on Friday, we’re getting a little random and mixed up today, just to keep with the theme of the week.

O N E | This is the first week it’s really started to feel like fall. FALL! I guess the weather decided to get with the times and realized October means fall weather is supposed to be here. I have yet to have a Pumpkin Spice Latte (yep, I’m one of those girls) and it’s making me sad. BUT now that the weather is acting right, I think I just might have to venture out for one real soon!

T W O | IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Time to celebrate! I’m still thinking of what kinds of things I can do to celebrate- both in real life and on this here blog! If you have any ideas, let me know!

T H R E E | I’ve gotten three new students this week. THREE. In my already over filled class. We are all in an adjustment phase so I know we will get better with time but at this point 3 seems like 10. You all totally came to my blog to read about my work struggles, right? Moving on…

F O U R | Looking up prices for plane flights makes me sad. It is actually going to cost me an entire paycheck if I want to try to go home for Christmas to see my family. I know I pretty much just got back from seeing them but it’s getting harder to be away for this long. Plus I didn’t go home last year for the holidays so I’d really like to be able to this year!

F I V E | got a pretty little MacBook Air this week from work and I am over the moon happy with it! I’ve never had a Mac before but I’m learning to use it and really getting use to the mobility and ease of this baby! Of course it’s for all things work related but some things blog are still totally going to happen. This blog post, for instance.

This weekend is again going to be all about playing catch up. Catching up with friends, on work, on sleep, and on laundry.

What are your thoughts on this lovely Friday? Doing anything fun this weekend?  Let me know beow in the comments!

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  1. Jennier

    Birthday ideas: You could make a random post about you (number of things for age), try a certain number (age again) of new things, try to only spend your age in money for a day or two, or throw yourself a surprise birthday party! You work hard, hope you come up with something great for you to enjoy on your special day!


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