Oh hey, Friday!

Oh Hey Friday

This week has FLOWN by! Here I was planning things for “later this week” and here it is! Goodness how did it happen? I only have one week left here in Idaho before I return to Chicago and work and get ready for the kiddos to come back to school! It’s exciting and terrifying all at once! I wonder who gets more nervous, the teachers or the kids? I’m voting teachers.

I’m linking up with Karli today to bring you 5 thoughts for the end of the week!

|One| Coffee shops are beautiful and wonderful places. I went and had a morning coffee with a friend yesterday and then sat and got work done for a couple hours afterward. It was lovely to just have a change of scenery and do some people watching and get things done at the same time.

|Two| I am angered and my heart hurts deeply because of the events happening in Ferguson, MO. What are your thoughts on the situation? The more I read and watch and learn- I just feel so saddened. This is the world we live in.

|Three| Being home has been SO good but SO bad for my waistline! I’ve been baking like crazy (stress reaction) and I love being able to make my family happy with things I worked to make for them. It’s the best feeling, but I know it’ll only be for while I’m here. Once I’m back to Chicago, no more baked goods for a while!

|Four| I’ve decided I’ll get my next tattoo as a birthday present to myself. I almost wanted to get it done here in Idaho while I’m home but I think it will mean that much more to me to get it in Chicago. I got my first here in Idaho, my second in Atlanta, and now this one in the newest city that will have a big influence on my life.

|Five| There’s been a couple of songs and videos that have been my jams this week. They are just fun.  There’s this one that I pump up every time. And then the one below. I like to sing it in my head as I drive anywhere out here. Short little me in the big ole truck to put any guy’s to shame. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Oh hey, Friday!

    1. Destiny Post author

      I agree! I think the message is really great! It’s just a fun melody. I’m a lover of country music so that helps for me!


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