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Blog ScreenshotJune already! I swear the year just started and now it’s halfway over. It’s been an exciting year so far and I can only see it getting more exciting as it goes on!

Speaking of exciting, notice the new digs? The lovely Kate from Diaries of an Essex Girl designed up a new layout for me and I am in love. It’s amazing to me to see what she can do with just a few requests and ideas from me. She also switched me over to a self-hosted domain so now this little blog is all me with no .wordpress.com to get confusing! Kate was amazing to work with and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a blog redesign or some help getting things going! I was totally clueless but she was patient and understanding in explaining things every step of the way.

Anyway, on to some monthly goals!

Last month, my goals were to:

1) Get some pictures taken of D and me.
Done! I should probably write up a blog post and share some of these. We had a lot of fun!

2) Focus on moving and get packed up.
I am almost all packed up but still have so much to do. Moving is hard, y’all.

3) Save as much $$ as possible for moving and summer expenses.
I’ve been doing pretty well on this front! I’m pretty confident I’ll be ok. I’ve been budgeting pretty hard this past month!

4) Keep on keeping on with P90X3!
Uhm, yeah… ya know… Actually, when D left, so did the computer I’d been using the the TV and DVD player, so I stopped when he left. I did, however, get in some other good workouts since then!

This month, my goals are a little different. I don’t know what to expect with moving (again,) starting up my summer training, and starting grad school classes.

With all the changes going on, my only goals for June are to:

1) Enjoy my trip home with my family.

2) Make the most of beginning of TFA and give my all to this new stage in life. 

That’s it! I’m just going to be keeping an open mind toward this new city and new challenge. What are your goals this month? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Oh, hello beautiful! | Monthly Wishes

  1. Cheryn @ Ruby Square

    I cannot believe we’re in June either, OMG! I think you’ve set yourself great, realistic goals considering you’re about to embark on a new adventure – how exciting! I look forward to hearing how it all goes and you settle in 🙂 Your blog redesign looks fab – I love it! I am on Blogger and hear WordPress is so much better – I need to do some research and see whether I should switch over! Good luck with your goals!


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