7 Things You Never Have to Justify to Anyone

7 things you never have to justify

Especially for women, it seems everyone always has an opinion about our lives. From our money to our bodies to our feelings, the general community seems to think we own them an explanation of our actions and decisions. The thing is, these decisions and actions are ours and ours alone, and we just don’t have to justify them.

We don’t owe anyone an explanation.

1. Your definition of success/ your career choice. It’s yours, not theirs. Just because success to some means a corner office and a downtown high rise apartment doesn’t mean you can’t be just as successful in your one bedroom apartment doing a job you love.

2. Not looking perfect every day. No need to apologize for not having on makeup or not getting dressed to the nines all the time (or any of the time, for that matter). Sometimes makeup and real outfits just aren’t going to happen. It’s ok.

3. Your relationship status. Single and lovin’ it? Yay! Single and minglin’? Yay! In a relationship and so in love? Yay!

4. Crying. You know what? Your emotions are valid. You’re not crazy for crying; you’re not over-emotional. It happens, we’re human.

5. How much you are eating. You’re hungry? Great, eat something. Feel like a burger? Great, eat it, even if the girl next to you is ordering a salad. Feel like a salad? Awesome. Eat it, even if the girl next to you is chowing on some wings. As long as you’re not hurting yourself, you’re good!

6. On that note- your weight. I’m all about the body positivity around here. Skinny, fat, in between, whatever. Own it. Work it. You’re awesome.

7. Being a basic ….. you know the rest. I could write a whole post solely on why this whole hating on women for liking the same things as other women is dumb. Especially because many of the things that are considered “basic” are things that make us feel good- like Starbucks, manicures, and leggings and oversized sweaters.

What other things can you think of that we just don’t need to justify to anyone anymore?

29 thoughts on “7 Things You Never Have to Justify to Anyone

  1. Emily

    Amen on all of these! I think what you said on number 5 “As long as you’re not hurting yourself, you’re good!” really applies to everything in your life (or hurting other people, of course.) People only know their individual needs, and they need to feel free to attend to them!

  2. Chrisy @ Homemade Hooplah

    I was reading through your list wondering which one of these points I most identify with, but honestly, it’s all 7 of them. I made a new career choice last year and I’ve had to be my own cheerleader at times, but it’s worth it if it puts you on the path to what you want. Another thing I don’t justify to anyone: the activities that bring me peace & happiness.

  3. Claudia

    I could not agree more! I love that you threw in number 7, because they are all the things that make us feel good! I’m really feeling you with number 1 at the moment too! xx

  4. Theresa (Tee)

    I think we need to stop justifying “how we spend our time.” Everyone has their own idea of productivity. Just because we may not do the same things doesn’t mean that how we spend our time wisely. I like the list you created. 🙂

  5. Brooke @ Silver LIning

    I love this. I read an article about how we say “just” all the time. Oh, I’m “just” staying at home with the kids. I’m “just” going to school. Whatever our pathways are, OWN IT! Loved this post (great graphic too!)

  6. Nikki

    I feel like I shouldn’t have to justify anything to anyone, excepting the person who pays my bills.. Lol. I shouldn’t have to explain anything to anyone. It’s life though, to over explain and come up with excuses. I’ve been a lot happier once I realized that.

  7. Madison Carter

    I love this post! I wish we had a society where everyone just did what they wanted without worrying about other people’s opinions. It’s so important to keep in mind that the only person being affected by your daily choices really is you. You shouldn’t let your life go by without living it how you choose.

  8. Katie

    Great Advice! I loved all the points. For me I would add Having a Messy house…. I have an 11 month old who is all over the place and I always have craft projects during nap time. We play, We create, We are Messy.

  9. Jamie

    This is a great list! I have learned as I have gotten older that this is true…it is my life and as long as I am not hurting others….I am fine to wear yoga pants and no make up if I want!!

  10. Emma Deer

    Stopping by from #fireworkpeople. Love this so much I just had to comment. This post made me feel great, so thank you for that. On that note, things I don’t feel we need to justify: your beliefs, your passions, and whether or not you have children!

    ♥ Ems

  11. Helga Weber

    Embracing and loving my body has been a lifelong struggle for me. Even at my skinniest, I still felt fat and now that I’m 30 pounds heavier than I was 3 years ago… well, I find myself starting to feel more comfortable (weird). I hope to finally be able to fully embrace my weight!

  12. Sara

    THANK YOU for writing this! Oh my goodness, do I feel you on so many of these. My friends are trying to talk me out of being a social worker because it won’t make a lot of money… But I don’t care about the money, I care about helping people on an individual basis! And the one about being basic made me laugh. I definitely like a few “basic” things – and so what? You do you, friend. Be yourself and enjoy the things that make you happy. Brava!

  13. JcCee Watkins Barney

    I definitely agree with these! The older I get, the more I embrace not having to justify myself to others.

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