My Life in Numbers

life in numbers

As I get ready to enter my 24th year (Saturday is my birthday, woah!) I thought I’d share a few things about myself with you all. In numbers form. I like numbers, numbers are solid.

So, I am 8763 days old. Or 210,326 minutes old. Or 23 years, 11 Months, and 29 days old.

I’ve lived in Chicago for 5 months.

It’s been 5 years since I’ve experienced a real winter.

I work 40 hours per week (officially)

I work at least 20 more hours per week in reality. (Glamorous teacher life!)

I’ve taken 5 tests since graduating college to become a teacher.

I am 1.5 years away from my master’s degree.

0: Bones I’ve broken (knock on wood!)
1: Times I’ve had my hair professionally highlighted (I’m in love)
2: Children we lost to malaria while I was working in Uganda.
3: Sweet babies I’ve helped bring into this world.
4: Books I’ve read listened to this month.
5: Piercings I have.
6: Pairs of shoes in my closet.
7: Children in my family. I’m the youngest!
8: Pets I have had in my lifetime. That I can remember. (Mom? Correction?)
9: Times I successfully broke into my dorm room in college after locking myself out.
10: Seasons of Grey’s Anatomy I watched last summer.

15: My age when I first moved away from home and to Mexico.

mexico chichen itza

18: Number of minutes I spent sitting in the middle of the highway when my Uber car broke down on Monday.

20: Number of times I have listened to Out Of The Woods since waking up this morning.

21: Number of kids in my high school graduating class.
40: Number of students in my class every day.
200ish: Number of women in my college graduating class.

36: Posts sitting in my drafts folder.
144: Blog posts I’ve published.

58: Days until I go home to Idaho.
1,861: Miles between my Chicago home and my Idaho home.

30 thoughts on “My Life in Numbers

  1. Farrah

    I apologize in advance if this comment actually went through a billion times. :[ My internet connection was being really temperamental.

    I like this idea! :D! Makes me wonder what my numbers would be. (I’m definitely with you on the blog post drafts! 😛 )

    1. Destiny Post author

      Just went through once! No worries! You should totally do a post like this, it was really fun to think about things in this way!

  2. Samantha Bender

    This is such an interesting way to get to know you! I might do something like this if you don’t mind. Of course I will credit you! I can’t believe you’re one of seven children. That sounds so fun and chaotic.

    1. Destiny Post author

      Of course! I’d love to see the post if you do one, I think it’s so fun to see! Growing up with so many people was definitely both fun and chaotic- that’s actually a really accurate description!

  3. Justine Y

    5 years since you’ve experienced a winter and you moved to Chicago… ouch, that’s gonna hurt. 🙂 I am a little jealous of your posts in your drafts folder, I have a quite a few myself, but they’re mostly just titles, lol.

    1. Destiny Post author

      Oh I know, it’s going to be a rough winter! I just bought some snow boots so I’m getting ready! And my drafts are pretty similar- a couple sentences or a paragraph here and there maybe, but it’s really just ideas.

  4. mami

    1. The song I gave you when you were born. Happy birthday baby girl. When you listen to your song on Saturday you will know I’m thinking of you.
    8. When did you join my menagerie? Baby or Shorty? Then Junior and Missy. Capone and Moka. Sylvester. Macy and Chewie…
    12. Hours I can drive at a time when I need to. (How many hours to Chicago?)
    58. Days that I’m counting til my baby is in my arms again.
    Infinity. Pieces of my heart that went with you every time you went on another adventure. Cross country by yourself at 13? To meet up with your big sister and tour NY, Philly, Boston?, and DC. At 15 – Mexico for a year. At 17 going to Europe for a month on your own. Traveling twice to India. At 18 going to Uganda. Leaving for Atlanta and now Chicago.
    I carry your heart. (I carry it in my heart).
    Love you forever and always my Destiny.

  5. Rebecca

    This is such a great way to introduce yourself to readers! For someone so young, you’ve got a great deal of travel under your belt. Best wishes teaching! We need as many fresh, excited educators as we can get in this country!

  6. Angel

    How interesting that you moved to Mexico. I would like to read more about that. This is a neat idea to tell facts about yourself around a number theme. God bless! 🙂


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