Need to escape the Winter Weather? Look no further!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gulf County, Florida. All opinions are 100% mine.


In case you missed the memo, here in Chicago, it’s COLD. Like, really cold. And life is as busy as it could ever be between work, school, and life! With the holidays coming, it seems like life is only going to get more busy before it slows down. This season just makes me want one thing- a nice, slow, disconnected vacation! I can see myself taking this vacation with just a few close girlfriends to escape from this hurried life we live for a few days!

If you’re in the same boat I am, then I have just the place for you! Come visit GCFL!

Even in the winter, Gulf County, Florida is a beautiful place to visit! From sunset cruises to karaoke nights, there’s something for everyone! Check out this page of Winter Fun Events for ideas of different things to do!



Gulf County, Florida is a beautiful seaside area with 43 miles of shoreline! There are no giant high-rises or highways full of traffic- a giant change from here in Chicago where traffic is constant and big buildings make our skyline unique. I know I need to escape the city, and they’ve got bike trails, kayaks, snorkeling, and many other outdoor activities! Gulf County is like a big outdoor playground- who wouldn’t want to explore?

DISCONNECT (and connect with who’s with you)

The Wi-Fi in Gulf County may be spotty, but you’ll be able to connect with those around you in a whole new way. Take some time to unplug and look up at everything around you- there are such beautiful things to see! Have a good chat over dinner and drinks with close friends or family, take a walk to see what you can find, or find a new adventure!


White sand beaches, seashells galore, and oh, the sunsets! Have a furry friend? No problem. Beaches in Gulf County are ranked in the top 10 US beaches to bring pets! Pets are always welcome on the beach and most rental homes allow them as well!


Seashell Collecting- St. Joseph Bay has some excellent beaches if you’re a fan of seashells! I grew up collecting shells with my family and it is still a favorite activity of mine!

Horse back riding on the beach- You can relax and ride along with experienced guides along the shoreline. You can choose a couples package, or, like me, if you’re there with friends, you can schedule a ride for up to 10 people!


Fishing- Admittedly, I’m not much of a fisherman, but for those who are, I can’t imagine a better place! Whether salt water or fresh water is your thing- Gulf County has it all! You have the possibility of catching a shark, or heading over to the Dead Lakes where you might meet a manatee or alligator!

I’m ready to pack my bags now! Want to know more and be the first to know about different evens and happenings in Gulf County? Sign up for their newsletter and get the inside scoop!

What activity would you most like to try in Gulf County? Who are the lucky people that get to join you? Let me know below- let’s go!

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