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Reading…  Gone Girl and Bossypants. I still haven’t finished Gone Girl. WHY. I need to get on it. And Bossypants is my book club book for the month so I’m just starting it!

Watching… Once Upon a Time. I stopped at season 2 before but am now getting caught up on season 3!
Trying… to get caught up on TFA work. I feel like I have so much to do and never enough time.
Eating… a Costco croissant with my coffee this morning. SO GOOD.
Wearing… Yoga pants and a tank top. Pretty much my weekend uniform.
Tweeting… about some funny things my students do and say. Follow here.
Going… to make sure I spend time out of the house today. My days have been so busy that I go straight from work to meetings/grad school class and straight home. I need some outside time today.
Loving… spending this quiet morning in with just my coffee and the cat. A slow morning is so, so needed.
Enjoying… learning all that I can about this life I’m now living. Everything is still so new and shiny to my brain, I’m loving having a whole new life and place to learn.
Feeling… a bit sick. I could feel myself getting sick since Friday with my throat swelling and sneezing. I think it’s finally hit me. Start of the school year sickness from the kiddos!
Hoping… For a better week starting tomorrow. Last week was rough- the first week of school. I’m hoping to be able to handle blogging more while still keeping up with my other responsibilities!
Listening… To Greg Laswell, his voice is the perfect soundtrack for this morning.
I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday and a great end to this weekend. Have a cup of coffee with me and let me know what you’re up to?

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