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Weekly Wishes!


Weekly Wishes

Hanging with my Daddy, Planning out my week thanks to Joyful Papery, and lounging with my babies.

How many living creatures can you spot in the bottom photo? We were all good and cuddled up!

Is this really my last week here in Idaho? Hmm, I suppose it is. This time next week I’ll be working on getting my classroom and student information together for school to start! It’s been so nice here at home. The weather has been good, my family has been wonderful, and I’ve been able to hang out with some friends here that I just don’t see often enough!

Last week, my goals were to:

1) Keep biking/jogging/walking in combination with yoga at least 4 days a week. I did it! I’m really proud of myself for how I’ve been keeping myself on a schedule-ish. I’ve had a harder time getting up early to get this all done but I’ve gotten it done at some point throughout the day.

2) Keep on spending as much time as possible with the family. Of course, of course. I’ve loved it so much.

3) Get all my TFA paperwork done. I got this mostly done. There’s still some more to be done but I’ve gotten as much done as possible!

4) Try and get more contacts for people at my new school. Well, yes and no. I talked to my now ex-principal a bit more for information about the school, but I still don’t know about people actually at the school!

For this week, I’d really like to:

1) Be sure to make the most of my time left with my family. I can’t believe this is my last few days at home for a long while. It’s hard to think about leaving these clear skies and wheat fields and the sweet love that surrounds this home.

2) Get all moved into my new apartment! The day I fly back to Chicago I’ll be moving straight into my new apartment. Go big or go home, right?

3) SERIOUSLY get everything figured out with my new school. I mean, I start working next Monday, so this is super last minute. Who knew this is where life would lead me? 

4) Keep baking and cooking and doing these things that allow me to love on and care for my family in such a fun way. I love being able to bring them joy and taking all these ingredients that are separately not so tasty and making them taste good- I love it. 

That is all for this week! I’ll be reading (or listening to on Audible) Gone Girl some more- I’m loving it so far, SO GOOD.

What are your goals for the week? What book should I read/download for the flight back to Chicago? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly Wishes!

weekly wishes

Are you guys sick of seeing sunrise pictures yet? Because I’m sure not sick of taking them!

Oh Monday, I know you get a bad rap, but this week, you’re looking pretty sweet. This whole week I get to hard-core plan and hang out with my family. If that doesn’t sound good then I just don’t know what will. I’m so lucky to have this time to come home- to my parents’ home- and relax in the place that will always feel the most comforting. Having summers off (somewhat, anyway) is a teacher perk I’m already quite enjoying. Of course, working on my computer a lot of the time isn’t idea, but at least it can be done in my yoga pants with a dog on my lap or at my feet- usually both!

Last week, my goals were to

1) Bike more! – Yes yes! I’ve had glorious 5am bike rides every day this past week. Oh, life is sweet in these moments.

2) Get a new phone! Done! I’m already so in love with this phone. It actually works all the time and does what I want! Imagine that?

3) Spend as much time as possible with my family. Continuous. Working from my laptop means I get to hang out with Daddy all day while he watches TV and such, and it’s the best best best. This time is so precious to me. I really can’t imagine a better way to spend my days.

4) Focus on myself and things that make me really happy and feel good. Oh yes. I’ve been seeing friends, making plans for myself, biking and doing yoga on a daily basis and making myself feel GOOD.

This week, I’m going to try to:

1) Keep biking/jogging/walking in combination with yoga at least 4 days a week. Since I’m going it early in the morning before it gets too hot, sometimes I can convince myself to sleep 30 min afterward and then it feels like a brand new day. EXTRA good.

2) Keep on spending as much time as possible with the family. It’s been so good to be home. Sometimes I forget just how much I love visiting this little town.

3) Get all my TFA paperwork done. There’s still quite a bit left to do on the legal side of hiring and getting started and all that. I’m hoping to figure this all out this week!

4) Try and get more contacts for people at my new school. Part of TFA and teaching in general is being super flexible. Right now this means not knowing A) who our new principal will be, B) anything about my new students, and C) if I will have a co-teacher/who that will be. I’m going to reach out to some of my TFA contacts and see if I can’t get some sort of info. I suppose I’ll find out everything soon enough- the first day of school is approaching fast!

That’s it for this week! I’m looking forward to this week of more relaxation and working on making myself happy while I don’t have many other responsibilities.

What are your goals for the week? Let me know and link up with Melyssa for more encouragement!

Weekly Wishes! Now I can tell all my secrets!


Spotted in the airport- giving my wanderlust even more ammunition!

Today (and for the next few weeks) I’ll be posting from Idaho! I surprised my family with a visit out here before school starts and it’s been so hard not to tell anyone or post anything because they might see it! But now of course they know and it is the best feeling to not have to keep it in! I’m terrible at secrets and can’t lie to save my life so it’s a huge relief to not need to anymore.

This past weekend was so much fun. Saturday I had brunch with my co-teacher then hopped on a plane out here to Idaho! I landed in the middle of the night and got back to be greeted with lots of puppy cuddles and my cat being mad at me. Don’t worry, that lasted all of one day and he is back to sitting on my lap whenever possible! My sweet Moka and I had a moment when I returned as we cried together all over again as she told me in her own way about Capone’s passing and how hard it’s been on everyone. That boxer baby had all our hearts, and was so much a part of this family, it’s strange to be in the house without him.

It can’t all be sad though, I am still lucky to have my family (mostly) healthy, the other pets playful and loving as ever, and the ultimate relaxation that comes from spending time in my childhood house.

For anyone who is new around here, Weekly Wishes is where I share my goals for the week and link up with a bunch of other bloggers doing the same. It’s a great way to hold ourselves and each other accountable to get things done and discover more blogs at the same time!

Last week my wishes were to:

1) Get everything packed up to move into my new apartment! Done! Everything is all packed up waiting for me to come back to it and move in!
2) Get rid of some things that I really just don’t need anymore. I did this too! I probably could have gotten rid of even more but I am just too dang attached to things to let them go too easily. 
3) Explore the city and surrounding areas. I did do some of this! Of course there is lots more of the city to see but it will be an ongoing goal for sure!
4) Feel better! SO MUCH BETTER. I can breathe and swallow and exist without pain and it’s amazing!

This week, my goals are to:

1) Bike more! I just re-learned how to ride and it feels AMAZING. My body remembered how to ride these Idaho hills pretty quickly and it’s like I’m 11 years old again riding around. Now I’m just more comfortable going further by myself without making a big brother come with me to watch me, haha.

2) Get a new phone! Is this cheating because it’s already been ordered? Oh well. It’s happening on Wednesday and I am so excited. It’s only been a day and already it feels strange to not have a working phone. 

3) Spend as much time as possible with my family. I’ve missed them so much while I’ve been in Chicago and I can already tell that this time at home will be good for me.

4) Focus on myself and things that make me really happy and feel good. From seeing friends to hanging out with my pets, to biking to yoga to walking. This time is just for me to really be good to myself while prepping for the school year and the changes in my life that are happening.

What are you goals this week? Fill me in in the comments!

Weekly Wishes! I have a secret and I really wanna share it!

CTE Group

Not even a little sorry about the terrible photo quality. We were having too much fun for real pictures.

There’s just something so satisfying about hanging out with people you know love you so completely, despite all your strangeness and neediness and regardless of the fact that you’ve really only known each other for 6 weeks. It’s such a strange feeling to know these people so deeply after such a short time, but somehow it’s been possible. When all we’ve had is each other in a new city and new experience that we’ve been going through together, it’s been so natural to support, love, and draw strength from these friends. Ups and downs and everything in between, these guys (plus a few more that weren’t in this selfie) have been through it all. It’s a glorious feeling.

But I’m guessing you’re here because the title said something about a secret? Well, sorry, I can’t tell you quite yet! Stick around till next Monday’s weekly wishes and I’ll be able to spill everything! Just know that it’s something really really exciting and I absolutely can’t wait to share it!

This past week was the very last week of TFA summer institute. We made it. Now I have about a month off to explore and fall in love with this city before school starts and winter comes. Today is a day of healing- my body and exhaustion caught up with me this weekend but now I’ve got some lovely antibiotics to kick it straight out of town.

This week’s goals are simple, really.

1) Get everything packed up to move into my new apartment!
2) Get rid of some things that I really just don’t need anymore.
3) Explore the city and surrounding areas. I’ve got some interesting day trips planned out this week that I’ve excited for!
4) Feel better! I’m sure with a combination of actually getting some sleep, the antibiotics, and relaxation coming up it’ll be easy to do!

And that’s that! What are your goals for the week? Let me know in the comments so I can cheer you on from my bed between Netflix marathons and soup runs from the Panera downstairs!

Weekly Wishes- Over halfway through summer institute!

Week 5 is here! It’s my last week with actual students and I’ve already started missing my kids. We’ve had a bumpy road along the way but we’ve all grown so much and these kids really mean so much to me.

This weekend I took an impromptu road trip to see my friend Laura in Louisville, KY! It was perfectly timed and totally needed. We had a blast hanging out and going out and ordering in food and catching up on life. Now I’m back in Chicago ready to take on a whole new week!

Last week, my goals were to:

1) Have a better week.

2) Blog more! 

3) Keep on, keeping on. 

These goals are sticking around for yet another week as I have some thinking and some healing to do around here. Though I’m not quite ready to write about it yet, there have been some events lately that haven’t been the greatest around here. I promise to fill you all in soon! Having said all that, any extra positive vibes, thoughts, and prayers you could send this way would be totally appreciated.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are getting a fabulous start to the week!

Weekly Wishes!

Weekly wishes

Isn’t D’s little niece the cutest? I had a blast hanging out with her this weekend!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Mondays are never fun and especially a Monday after a holiday weekend leaves a lot to be desired. However, I’ve got high hopes for this week despite having work and class all 5 days (plus again on Saturday). I start my classes on teaching math this week and I definitely need them. Math has never been my strong suit but I am determined to still be great at teaching it by the end of this.

This weekend was spent celebrating and enjoying time with D’s family and exploring the city a little bit more. We had a blast spending a day on the beach and then a day out and about walking and seeing what we could see. I LOVE fireworks, so seeing them was definitely a plus! D and I have already made plans to go back out to Navy Pier next weekend to see more fireworks!

Last week, my goals were to incredibly similar to what I want to keep doing this week. With that, I’m going to keep my goals from last week and roll them on over to this week.

1) Have a better week. I definitely did this, teaching wise. I feel like I was more clear on expectations and my students responded well to that. I tried a few new things to help adjust to their learning styles and it all seemed to work out! I really want to keep this momentum going and build better relationships this week.

2) Blog more! Well, um, ya know. I tried. This one is going to be a continuous goal throughout this summer. By time I get home after 14 hour days, it’s all I can do to text my mother, much less write blog posts. But I’m trying!

3) Keep on, keeping on. This week has been a bit of a roller coaster with low lows and high highs. I think that’s kind of the deal with summer training. Everything is multiplied. It’s so hard to remember that life outside this little TFA world exists sometimes, until something happens that makes it all too real. We lost my sweet Capone this past week and it’s hit me harder than even I thought it would. That baby dog had my heart and was the best dog he ever could have been. Though I know he’ll still be with me, it’s unbelievable how much I miss him.

I’m set to have a great week this week. This weekend I get the FULL weekend off and I couldn’t be more excited! Plus during the week I’ve got some great lessons planned for my kids that I think they’re going to really like.

Here’s to a great week!

Weekly Wishes!

Weekly Wishes

My 4th grade classroom for the summer!

Y’all, institute is so REAL. We’re 2 weeks into it now and even though I’ve started settling into a rhythm, it’s a very jumpy, unpredictable, and fast paced rhythm! It’s hard to believe that 2 weeks ago I hadn’t even met anyone yet and now we’re as close as you can possibly be with people you’ve only known a short time. Then again, we all live, work, and study in the same buildings and are all going through the same struggle right now. It’s amazing how quickly you form such strong relationships in times like these!

I had a great weekend spending time with my dad and his visit couldn’t have been timed better. I was definitely in need of some family time and there are things you just can’t get from anyone else. We laughed and loved and I was comforted beyond measure. Plus having both my Daddy and D in the same place was such a heartwarming sight!

Last week, my goals were to:

1) Be the best teacher I can possibly be for these students. I’m trying. So hard. These kids are breaking my heart every single day and every day I come in fresh with something new. And I will just keep trying things until it works!

2) Plan out days with my colab group. I really got lucky with my group. Their support and encouragement has been key. We’ve been good about planning and working together!

3) Keep a positive attitude throughout the week. Trying. It’s hard, of course. But it will all be worth it.

4) Enjoy Chicago! This one I’ll keep working on. I just haven’t had time to explore yet! Hopefully over the long weekend I’ll do this!

5) Do laundry and normal human stuff.  LOL NOPE. Overrated. Who needs to be human, anyway? haha.

This week, I’m really going to try to:

1) Have a better week. Last week was ROUGH. They really aren’t kidding when they say summer training will push you to your very limits in every way.

2) Blog more! I managed to write 2 whole posts last week, so now I’ll shoot for 3!

3) Keep on, keeping on. Friday I wanted to throw my hands up and give up. Saturday I grieved over a loss that took place far away. Sunday my best friend from high school suffered a loss that blew us all away. This summer training is hard, and real life is still going on outside of it. I need to keep that in mind and just know that continuing right now is the best thing I can do for myself and everyone around me.

That’s all for this week! What are your goals this week? Let me cheer you on and distract me a little from this wildly busy life! I miss hearing about all that’s going on!

Oh, hello beautiful! | Monthly Wishes

Blog ScreenshotJune already! I swear the year just started and now it’s halfway over. It’s been an exciting year so far and I can only see it getting more exciting as it goes on!

Speaking of exciting, notice the new digs? The lovely Kate from Diaries of an Essex Girl designed up a new layout for me and I am in love. It’s amazing to me to see what she can do with just a few requests and ideas from me. She also switched me over to a self-hosted domain so now this little blog is all me with no to get confusing! Kate was amazing to work with and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a blog redesign or some help getting things going! I was totally clueless but she was patient and understanding in explaining things every step of the way.

Anyway, on to some monthly goals!

Last month, my goals were to:

1) Get some pictures taken of D and me.
Done! I should probably write up a blog post and share some of these. We had a lot of fun!

2) Focus on moving and get packed up.
I am almost all packed up but still have so much to do. Moving is hard, y’all.

3) Save as much $$ as possible for moving and summer expenses.
I’ve been doing pretty well on this front! I’m pretty confident I’ll be ok. I’ve been budgeting pretty hard this past month!

4) Keep on keeping on with P90X3!
Uhm, yeah… ya know… Actually, when D left, so did the computer I’d been using the the TV and DVD player, so I stopped when he left. I did, however, get in some other good workouts since then!

This month, my goals are a little different. I don’t know what to expect with moving (again,) starting up my summer training, and starting grad school classes.

With all the changes going on, my only goals for June are to:

1) Enjoy my trip home with my family.

2) Make the most of beginning of TFA and give my all to this new stage in life. 

That’s it! I’m just going to be keeping an open mind toward this new city and new challenge. What are your goals this month? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly Wishes!

Weekly Wishes

An outtake from pictures this week- I’ll be sharing more of these pictures in the coming days!

Was it just me or did the past week seem to last FOR-EV-ER? It seemed to me that last weekend was a long time ago! But, in line with the week lasting a long time, the weekend did too! It was definitely refreshing and relaxing. I slept and snuggled with Megan’s puppy while she was gone for the weekend and shopped and got my oil changed and painted and had dinner with a good friend yesterday. The weekend was productive and lovely. Plus, on Saturday morning D left for Chicago! His first day of work is today and we’re super excited to see where this job takes him. I’ll be heading up there in a few weeks, so though I’ll definitely miss him, we both know it’s super temporary and for the best. By time I get there he’ll already by used to the area!

Anyway, on to my weekly goals!

Last week, I was going to:

1) List all of my furniture on Craigslist. Ha, funny Destiny. Nope, but I’ll try again this week.

2) Work on my TFA pre-institute work more. Yes! Still have some to go but I’m satisfied with my progress.

3) DO LAUNDRY. I STILL NEED TO DO THIS. I took some things to the dry cleaners so at least I’ll have work clothes!

4) Get everything set up for moving. Yep! SO weird to think about, but it’s all getting so real!

This week, my goals are to:

1) List my things on Craigslist. It’ll be nice to have a little extra moving money, plus I really just need to get rid of anything that won’t fit in my car. AKA furniture.

2) Laundry. Forever.

3) Look around on the internet at more neighborhoods in Chicago and see where I want to live! I have time to figure this out but it’s fun to just look around and get a feel for the different areas. 

4) Start packing things that I don’t use on a regular basis. Winter clothes, household things/decorations, etc. Time to start seeing what I want to take with me and what will be donated and sold. 

That will do it for this week? Leave me a comment with your goals for week so I can cheer you on. If you blog about them, link up with us by clicking the button below!

Weekly Wishes!

Weekly Wishes

Oh. My. Word. This weekend was pure bliss. It was D’s last weekend of freedom before he heads up to Chicago and enters the real world, and my heart had been longing for the ocean for so long. We decided a quick little weekend trip was the perfect way to celebrate and enjoy life down here where it’s warm before Chicago.

We played with some dolphins while on a boat our first day, then spent time on the shore enjoying the water and food and drinks and all of that that comes with time on the beach. Now I am sun tanned a little burnt (my face, ouch) and feeling super refreshed and ready to take on these last few weeks before I head up to Chicago too!

Since last week I set goals for the month, I’ll jump straight into this week’s goals!

1) List all of my furniture on Craigslist. Hopefully someone will want my like-new things and I can get a little more money for moving.

2) Work on my TFA pre-institute work more. I got a little behind on this which is definitely not something I want to allow myself to do.

3) DO LAUNDRY. Goodness I need to do this.

4) Get everything set up for moving- schedule my gas and electricity to be turned off and such.

That will take care of this week! What are your goals for the week? Let me know so I can help you along!