You are beautiful, I believe it.


you are beautiful

Can we be real for a minute here? Of course. I’ve been working on being more transparent around here, and I think today is the perfect day to step a little outside my comfort zone and do just that. When Lauren announced this link up, I just about cried. It touched me because that day I was in a difficult place, and there have been days since that have been just as hard. When Lauren announced this link up, she wrote “i challenge you to stop the voice in your head that tells you are worth nothing, that tells you you are fat, that tells you you are stupid or whatever it says, and tell it to shut the *&#$ up.” So I’m taking up that challenge today. I hope that you will too.

If you’ve been reading around here for a while, you know that after a long relationship, I went through a break up a few months ago. It wasn’t pretty. It went back and forth for a while, but ultimately ended with me in a dark place, and him him continuing with his life as if I were never there. Talk about ouch. Now that I’ve had time to step away from it and do life on my own for a while, I feel like I’m in a better place, but there are still days when I’m back there. Hurt, low, and feeling anything but beautiful or wanted.

Today, I’m going to challenge that.

Today, I’m working on believing I am beautiful. I am worth loving and capable of being loved.
I am worthy. I am smart, and kind, and caring, and try my best to pour out love on everyone I come in contact with. I am hard working and have accomplished so much- my traveling, my education, the relationships I have formed. I am proud of myself for who I have become.

That right there is enough to make me beautiful.

And my body? That one is harder. However, I know that this body is worthy and lovable as well. Because this body has done so much for me. These legs have run 5ks, walked dirt roads to help a baby be born in Uganda, walked across graduation stages, and they carry me to do the work I love every day. This stomach processes the food that gives me energy to survive, to be excited and love on my kids everyday, and keeps me going. These arms have hugged and held loved ones, puppies, and new babies. They have lifted the elderly in need of assistance, my friends, and boxes to move myself across the country multiple times. This face (acne and pores and all) smiles and speaks and sings to my kids each day, shows them my feelings, and helps them learn skills they will need all their lives. And the booty? Well, I just like the way it looks, haha. Too much? (Sorry mom)

Writing about these things and thinking about my body in this way feels oh-so-good. My body is so good to me and so beautiful.

Today I challenge you to look at your body and your whole self in this way. Not only is it good to realize how beautiful you truly are, but it’s good for your whole self to feel better about your body and beauty. 

You really are beautiful. You are so worthy of everything. You are such a great addition to this world and such a bright light to so many people. I believe that. I hope you do too.

Linking up with Lauren in the name of love.

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11 thoughts on “You are beautiful, I believe it.

  1. Channing

    One of my favorite quotes is ” The smartest thing a woman can ever learn, is to never need a man.” I think it’s important that a lot of women realize they don’t need a man to feel worth. We have our own identities separate from men and our life is just as valuable and our time is just as valuable as a mans’. Never forget that.

  2. Kim

    Destiny your transparency in this post is both soothing and liberating for others. I posted about loving your body on my blog today as well. My prayer is that the depths of your beauty is revealed daily.

  3. Edith Rodriguez

    I’m glad you are seeing the beauty you have. I love the perspective mentioned about our body doing things for us. I had never seen it like this, but it’s so true. Our bodies have carried us through so many things that we have put our minds to. By the way I just came across your blog and I very much like it. Looking forward to your posts.

  4. Mami Barker

    Ahhh, you were beautiful inside and out from day one. Your strength and determination has never ceased to amaze me – NEVER! You have accomplished so much and your compassion for others is a gift that us regular people would strive to attain. Have I told you lately…

  5. Megan

    I think we need to be friends. Seriously, you sound like such an amazing person. Maybe you could influence me to be a better person 😉 And honey, have you seen your picture? You are beautiful. Inside and out would be my opinion from the words on this post.

  6. Tori

    Destiny!!! Girl, you are beautiful, powerful, and oh so capable of anything life throws your way. I think that we all get in those ruts sometimes where we fail to see ourselves as beautiful… actually, that’s probably more days than not, but we can change that! I’m going to challenge myself to point out the beauty in my imperfections and to remind myself that there is purpose in me being here. Thank you for the inspiration girl! #fireworkpeople

  7. ashley

    This is truly a beautiful post. And you? YOU are beautiful. And you’ve encouraged me to really step back and take a look at myself in a positive way. Thank you for this!


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