Monthly Archives: February 2017

My Word of the Year

word of the year persist

2014 was thrive.
2015 was strong.
2016 was peace.

Each year, my word of the year has seemed to fit right into how the year would end up.
In 2014, I wanted and found so much change and growth and newness. I thrived in a new city, job, and a relationship I fell deeply into. Though I’d end up leaving all of these things, 2014 was for thriving in all aspects and being intentional about the joy in my life.

In 2015 I needed to be studying and to leave and get out of an awful situation. I needed strength to persevere through what would turn out to be a few almost impossible months. I needed, gained, and used strength in 2015 for big changes and building a steady foundational ground under my own two feet.

For 2016 I wanted peace. Peace with my decisions. Peace with my season and place in life. Peace with myself and those around me. I wanted to keep a reminder of peace on my heart and mind throughout the year. I finally felt like I’m reached a place where it was possible. I found my peace.


This year, nothing felt right. Or at least, I should say, no word felt right. Starting around December I started reflecting on the past year and thinking about what word I wanted to focus the coming year on. I thought up a few good options,- stay, reach, aim, work, go.

However, none of those felt right. They all had a piece of what I wanted this year to bring and what I wanted to bring into my life, but none of them stuck out as bringing a rounded view of my focus.

Then this past week happened.

And Elizabeth Warren persisted.

nevertheless she persisted

And it hit me.


It took me until now, the middle of February, to realize what word I wanted and I needed to build my year around. An incredible and amazing woman persisted through every challenge put before her. And that specific word- persist- has continued to jump out at me. It is everything I tried to find in a word for this year. This year I will do my best to persist through every challenge put before me, every barrier I come across, and every burden put upon me.

In 2017, let me persist.