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Weekly Wishes! Now I can tell all my secrets!


Spotted in the airport- giving my wanderlust even more ammunition!

Today (and for the next few weeks) I’ll be posting from Idaho! I surprised my family with a visit out here before school starts and it’s been so hard not to tell anyone or post anything because they might see it! But now of course they know and it is the best feeling to not have to keep it in! I’m terrible at secrets and can’t lie to save my life so it’s a huge relief to not need to anymore.

This past weekend was so much fun. Saturday I had brunch with my co-teacher then hopped on a plane out here to Idaho! I landed in the middle of the night and got back to be greeted with lots of puppy cuddles and my cat being mad at me. Don’t worry, that lasted all of one day and he is back to sitting on my lap whenever possible! My sweet Moka and I had a moment when I returned as we cried together all over again as she told me in her own way about Capone’s passing and how hard it’s been on everyone. That boxer baby had all our hearts, and was so much a part of this family, it’s strange to be in the house without him.

It can’t all be sad though, I am still lucky to have my family (mostly) healthy, the other pets playful and loving as ever, and the ultimate relaxation that comes from spending time in my childhood house.

For anyone who is new around here, Weekly Wishes is where I share my goals for the week and link up with a bunch of other bloggers doing the same. It’s a great way to hold ourselves and each other accountable to get things done and discover more blogs at the same time!

Last week my wishes were to:

1) Get everything packed up to move into my new apartment! Done! Everything is all packed up waiting for me to come back to it and move in!
2) Get rid of some things that I really just don’t need anymore. I did this too! I probably could have gotten rid of even more but I am just too dang attached to things to let them go too easily. 
3) Explore the city and surrounding areas. I did do some of this! Of course there is lots more of the city to see but it will be an ongoing goal for sure!
4) Feel better! SO MUCH BETTER. I can breathe and swallow and exist without pain and it’s amazing!

This week, my goals are to:

1) Bike more! I just re-learned how to ride and it feels AMAZING. My body remembered how to ride these Idaho hills pretty quickly and it’s like I’m 11 years old again riding around. Now I’m just more comfortable going further by myself without making a big brother come with me to watch me, haha.

2) Get a new phone! Is this cheating because it’s already been ordered? Oh well. It’s happening on Wednesday and I am so excited. It’s only been a day and already it feels strange to not have a working phone. 

3) Spend as much time as possible with my family. I’ve missed them so much while I’ve been in Chicago and I can already tell that this time at home will be good for me.

4) Focus on myself and things that make me really happy and feel good. From seeing friends to hanging out with my pets, to biking to yoga to walking. This time is just for me to really be good to myself while prepping for the school year and the changes in my life that are happening.

What are you goals this week? Fill me in in the comments!