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Polar Vortex in the South!

Too familiar for comfort!

Too similar for comfort! Picture via.

If you’ve been anywhere on social media, the news, or outside lately, you know that it is COLD. And oh yeah, here in Atlanta we got one of the worst snow storms of our generation! Though it is humorous to look at this picture comparing The Walking Dead intro to the actual picture of people all trying to leave the city, it wasn’t so funny for people stuck on the road!

Now, I realize for those of you in the north, it’s easy to scoff at a couple inches of snow as nothing big. And it’s easy to scoff at people not knowing how to drive in the snow when it’s something that comes almost second nature to those of us who grew up with it.  I know, trust me, I grew up in Idaho, I know.

But here’s the thing that makes what happened a big deal- there’s no way for people to have that experience here. Snow and ice aren’t a thing that happens except for once every couple years. Not so second nature. And cabin fever is SO real after a couple days stuck at home. 

As our city gets back up and running, my heart goes out to those who were stuck out on the road for hours on end and who slept in their cars or in stores because they couldn’t get home. Thank goodness now our roads are getting back to normal and all the children have been reunited with their families.

For those of you up there where this is a normal occurrence- stay safe and warm! I’ve had enough snow to last me a while, hopefully the weather agrees!

Decisions, decisions.


Which one looks best?

Which one looks best?

So within the next couple of weeks I’m going to be choosing a sofa. The only thing is I can’t decide which color. I found this one with the chaise that I am in love with, the only thing is- I can’t choose between the colors! The black is a faux leather and the grey is microfiber. I like them both equally and also love that the yellow pops out against them.

My bedroom is purple and grey (and some yellow) and my kitchen also has yellow so I want to kind of keep the same theme with the yellow accents. I already have black end tables so those stay, but the couch I just can’t decide!

Help a girl out? What color do you think looks best?

Thanks for helping me decorate my new apartment!

Weekly Wishes!

Thanks for stopping by today! Today I’m sharing my Weekly Wishes and goals for what I’d like to accomplish this week and also keeping myself accountable for what I did in the past week. This has been a great way so far for me to set smaller short term goals that are more realistically reached.

Last week’s goals were to:

1) Keep working out and work on running longer distances. Oops. I worked out a little but didn’t go much further than 3 miles at one time.

2) Getting a few more things for my apartment. SUCCESS in a BIG way! I scored a dining table and set of 4 chairs off Craigslist from a guy who had just gotten married and needed to get rid of things FAST. They are super cute and will fit perfectly! I’m going to repaint the table because it’s a little chipped but I’m way excited to make it more “me”! I also got a bedding set that I am SO in love with. It’s perfect!

3) Keep to my budget! On it! I did spend a bit this past weekend on apartment things but it was all necessary and I have enough left over so I’m calling this one a success too!

This week, I’m really going to try to

1) Keep working out. Beating a dead horse? Nah, this will honestly probably be on my list all year. You’ve been warned!

2) Work on being more ok with just letting things happen. I’m really bad about needing to know what’s going to happen and when and planning out each step of my day. This has been a source of anxiety lately so I’m working on just taking a breath and being ok with changes in plans.

As usual, linking up with Melyssa and others for Weekly Wishes!

Taking Stock

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that sometimes I like to pause with whatever’s going on for a little bit and take stock of what’s going on in my life at the present moment. I feel like I’m always moving and rushing on, it’s nice to take a breath and just write it out. Before beginning this new week, I wanted to stop and take stock of the past week.

Making: Plans for my new apartment
Cooking: Nothing right now, but I’m wishing I had grabbed breakfast this morning!
Drinking: No more soda! My boss has started a competition in the office, I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold out though!
Reading: The Hunger Games series. Yep. On that bandwagon.
Wanting: My space heater back! Work said they were a fire hazard and took them all away. Totally understandable, but my fingers are freezing on my keyboard now!
Looking: At new furniture I’ll only ever have in my dreams. Online window shopping!
Playing: With my budget for the next couple months. Seeing where I can move things around to be able to save up money to be able to go home.
Deciding: Some big things soon. In the end I know things will end up as they should.
Wishing: This cold weather would go away! I’m ready for some GA heat!
Enjoying: Talking and laughing with one of the regulars here. He cracks me up on a daily basis!
Waiting: For Friday for some news on a new opportunity.
Liking: My super cute shoes today. Little black booties are making me feel like a star today!
Wondering: When I should start my travel series for my blog?
Loving: Being able to see my boyfriend almost every day lately. Timing has been on our side this past week and it makes me super happy!
Pondering: What to cook for dinner tonight. My roommate and I BOTH bought groceries yesterday so we are ALL stocked up for a while.
Watching: Revenge ALL the time! Well, not at work of course but at home. I need to catch up on it!
Hoping: That someone brings back my heater or the weather warms up. My frozen fingers are having some trouble typing!
Marveling: At how incredibly kind people can be. And at how not-so-kind some people are on the phone.
Wearing: Suits on suits on suits. AKA work clothes.
Following: Along with a travel blog religiously and seriously considering moving to South Korea
Noticing: My spirit coming back. The excitement of a new city and new opportunities and a new apartment are giving me new life.
Knowing: That I am surrounded by people who support and love me.
Thinking: About whether to take a jump into another new opportunity or now.
Feeling: Pretty optimistic about the next few years!
Admiring: Puppies and kittens at the local shelter
Buying: Apartment things. I’m exciting to stock up my new place!
Bookmarking: DIY websites for later when I’m feeling more crafty
Opening: Myself up to other opportunities. I thought grad school right away was something I wanted, now I’m considering putting it off for a different adventure.
Giggling: Over silly posts from some of my favorite bloggers. I don’t usually read blogs over the weekend so this morning I’m catching up!

Weekly Wishes!

How has another week gone by already? It seems like yesterday I wrote last week’s wishes out and it’s already Tuesday before I’m doing this week’s! This weekend was for shopping for new things for my apartment, moving furniture in my friend Megan’s apartment, and relaxing and being grateful for an extra day of rest and reflection because of the holiday.

Last week’s goals were to:

1) Get bedding for my new mattress! 2) Work out 2 days this week. 3) Sign a lease for a new apartment! 4) Create my first Creative Collective post. 

I’d say I did pretty well!

I did get some sheets and a mattress pad for my bed, but I’m holding out on a comforter until I find the PERFECT one that I can just fall in love with. I have enough bedding for now, but I’d like a new one to bring it all together. I got my workouts in! AND I got approved for my lease so now I just have to wait a couple months before I can move in (I’m holding out for my ideal location and floor plan)! And as for my Creative Collective post, I failed a little by not making what I planned and posting it late, but it ended up turning out alright! I’m still working on another Word of the Year project, but I have a feeling that one I’ll do as I get closer to my moving date.

For this week, I’d really like to:

1) Keep working out and work on running longer distances. The weather going from 5 degrees up to 65 yesterday definitely helps me want to get out there more!

2) This weekend- work on getting a few more things for my apartment. I’m doing this slowly but surely so that when I move in I’ll already have most of what I need!

3) Keep to my budget! Last weekend I went and did some shopping with my friend Megan and we each got some incredible deals on things for our apartments. However, that means that this week we are on ramen and PB&J budgets. We’re working on being better at adulting. 

As usual, linking up with Melyssa and others for Weekly Wishes!

My Word of the Year 2014- Thrive

I had a lot of fun making and stamping this!

I had a lot of fun making and stamping this!

Today I’m linking up with Melyssa for Creative Collective. One of my goals this year is to be more creative, so this couldn’t have come at a better time! And once I saw the prompt for the first one I got SO excited! I definitely meant to post this earlier, but I forgot. Typical. Better late than never, I suppose! I’m also working on a couple more related projects for my new apartment, so I’ll be working with the word Thrive quite a bit.

This word means a lot to me and is something I really want to strive for this year. Last year was a big year of transitions. Transitioning out of college and into teaching, then out of teaching and into the world or politics and business. Transitioning from dorm life to living alone to living with my family again and back to living alone. From Atlanta to Boise to Northern Idaho and back to Atlanta.

The quote that my word of the year is based from.

The quote that my word of the year is based from.

Now that I’ve settled (for a little while anyway) here in Atlanta, I want to allow myself and push myself to thrive in this environment. I want to thrive in my new job. I want to thrive living alone in the city and in my social environment. I want to thrive in this new life I’m creating; in my relationships (both friendships and romantic,) emotionally, and physically.

I have high hopes for this year as I establish myself as a young adult before heading into graduate school.

It’s time for me to thrive!

What are you declaring as your word of the year? What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

Leibster Awards


I was nominated by Brittany for the Liebster Award. The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The meaning: Liebster is German and means kindest, dearest, lovely, and welcome. Isn’t that sweet? I love that it creates even more of a sense of community in the blogging world and gets out the world about newer blogs!

 The rules:
-Tell 11 facts about yourself
-Answer 11 questions.
-Nominate 11 fellow bloggers.
11 facts about me!
1. I have always been a traveler and moved away from home for the first time when I was 15 years old to live in Mexico.
2. I had visited 8 different countries by the time I reached 18, and now I’m working on 20 by 30.
3. My favorite colors are yellow and purple, but not together.
4. I have 5 names and am the youngest of 7 kids.
5. I am the first generation of my family to go to college.
6. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood)
7. I used to hate my hair but now I am learning to love it.
8. I get excited over kitchen  appliances. KitchenAid mixers = LOVE
9. When looking at colleges I was SO SURE I would never go to a women’s college. Now I know that going to a women’s college is the best decision I ever could have made.
10. Every time I have to do a background check I get inexplicably nervous, even though I know I’ve never committed a crime.
11. Pencil skirts make me feel like I could take over the world.

Now the 11 questions!

1.What is your driving force in blogging?
I love being able to look back at my accomplishments and see what I was doing at a certain point and what I thought was worth writing about. I also enjoy seeing my growth as a blogger and discovering just what it is I want to write!

2. Dogs or cats?
Both! I can’t choose. I love my babies so much it’s a little bit ridiculous.

3. What is your favorite go to bible verse?
1 Corinthians 13:4-8. This verse has been hanging in my home since I was a little girls and I have always grown up with it ingrained in my head and heart.

4. How has blogging changed your life?
It has definitely made me more crafty! It has also connected me with so many other people that have become true friends.

5. What is your favorite down-time activity?
Marathon-ing something on Netflix or reading. Or napping.

6.When you think back, what is your favorite childhood memory?
Definitely spending Spring Break at the Oregon Coast every year with my family. That time spent with my siblings and parents really cemented our relationships and the way we interact as a family to this day.

7. How do you balance work, blog, and family?
Not too complicated for me! I don’t have a husband or kids, so that makes that part easier, and really I just blog in my free time. I really want to start dedicating more time to it, but I know that will happen gradually. I leave work at work and try to keep it separated from my personal life so I have a good balance there.

8. Favorite song at the moment?
Not even gonna lie- I’m totally loving One Direction right now. I know, I’m a 13 year old girl when it comes to this. Their song “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” is kind of my anthem right now.

9. Describe your perfect day?
Spending time outside on a warm day with some friends. Put us near a beach or a pool or some body of water and that’s even better.

10. Where would you like to travel next?
I’d really love to return to India. And go to Italy. And ya know, Florida. Or Fiji. Or really anywhere I new. Let’s go!

11. What is your best piece of advice for new bloggers?
I’m still a new blogger! I feel a little under qualified to be giving advice! But really just go with what feels right! I wanted a space to share what’s going on in my life and I feel like that’s what I’ve created. But like I said, I’m still working on it!

Now I’m supposed to tag 11 blogs that I think deserve this award. I know most of the blogs I follow have more than 200 followers but if you think this looks fun, just let me know and I’ll tag you for it!

Weekly Wishes!

I am SO excited to share these this week!

First, let’s take a look back at last week’s goals:

1) Work out at least 2 days this week
2) Make some decisions on apartments
3) get through the Mayor’s inauguration

I am happy to announce that I accomplished ALL THREE! Woo!

I got my workouts in (even if it was just a short one or walking the dog a bit faster).

I made some MAJOR decisions on apartments. I found one that I am in LOVE with and I will be putting in my rental papers for tomorrow! I also bought a new mattress and I’m already in love with it. I sleep so well on it and I can’t wait for it to be able to move into my apartment when it’s ready. For now it’s living in my boyfriend’s house (lucky man).

I also went by a home furnishing store and bought an ottoman because clearly that’s the only piece of furniture I need, ha! Really I just saw it and loved it and had to take it home. It’s also living at my boyfriend’s for now because there’s more room there than in my friend’s apartment where I’m currently staying.

And as for the Mayor’s Inauguration, it went great! The office is back to normal and all is well here in the Mayor’s Office. Now we’re back to normal busy instead of wild busy the way we were for the time leading up to the event!

For this week, I’m hoping to

1) Get bedding for my new beautiful mattress! I’m probably more excited than I should be about this bed, but it’s my first real big purchase for my apartment so I’m allowing myself to nerd out about it a little bit.
) Work out 2 days this week again. Starting small but at least it’s something.
3) Sign a lease for a new apartment!
4) Create my first Creative Collective post. I’ve got my word in mind and somewhat know how I’m going to do it so now I just have to make it.

These goals make me feel like I’m becoming an adult and it is TERRIFYING. Trying to take things one day at a time!

As always, linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes!

From Neither Here Nor There to The Journey!

the road

This is the road I walked daily in Uganda. One of my most memorable journeys!

[I’ll be posting my Weekly Wishes later on today, stay tuned for that. I made some progress this week that I am SO excited to share with you!]


As you may have noticed, over the weekend I’ve transitioned from Neither Here Nor There to The Journey! I thought it was a bit more appropriate for where I am in life and what this blog is all about. Instead of focusing on where I am not, I’m focusing on where I am– My Journey.

We all know the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote about “Life is a journey, not a destination.” I really feel like while before, I was really in an in between place. I wasn’t where I belonged, but I was further along than where I had started. I was focusing on that destination of “someday.” As I’ve settled into my job and life here in Atlanta, I’m really seeing the joy and the excitement in this journey.

I really don’t know where my destination is. And that’s ok.

For now, this part of my journey, I’m exploring and learning and treasuring each moment and step that I’m taking on my way. My life right now is about the journey.

You’ll see a few more changes in the coming week- A new sidebar, some transitions in the heading, and more regular posting from me.

I really want to be better about documenting this journey, and I thank you all for following along!

Weekly Wishes!


For the first time, I’m linking up with Melyssa from The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes! This is a space to share what I’m hoping to accomplish this week, and taking a look at what I’ve accomplished so far. I thought the new year would be a good time to start this up, and it’ll be a good way to hold myself accountable!

For this week, my wishes are to 1) Work out at least 2 days this week, 2) Make some decisions on apartments, and 3) get through this inauguration!
I signed up for The Color Run yesterday and I’m really excited about it. The picture above is from when the last time I did it! It’s in April so that gives me plenty of time to train for it as long as I stick to it. I also really need to do some decision making when it comes to apartments. I’m trying to move as soon as I can so that I’m not totally taking over my friend’s apartment! With the 2 of us and the dog it’s getting a little crowded! And today is the Mayor’s inauguration! Yay! So this one might be cheating a little bit because it’s going to happen today but it’s a big deal so I’m counting it. I’m really excited about it and I think it’ll be a great day, it’s just a big event that our office has been working hard on so I want to see it go smoothly!
What are your weekly wishes? Join the link up and see what everyone else is doing too!