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23 lessons for my 23rd birthday.

Happy Monday! This past Friday was my birthday, so maybe I should have written this then, but I was busy out with friends. It’s lovely to be reminded by people just how much they care about you sometimes. These past few months (okay, years) have been times of HUGE transition and learning, so I thought I’d share with you 23 things I’ve learned by my 23rd year.

1. Traveling is the very best way to learn… anything and everything. Expand your horizons, expand your world view.

2. Be your best self. Possibly the best lesson I learned from my Jr. Miss days.

3. Some people are meant to change your life, but not stay in it, and that’s ok. Let them go.

4. It’s much better to be grateful than to be angry.

5. It’s ok to lean on your friends sometimes. They will hold you up willingly until you can stand again. You don’t have to do it alone. Asking for help is a showing of strength.

6. Use your past to teach you, but look back too often.

7. Smiling really will help yo make new friends, even if it feels silly sometimes.

8. If it’s worth it, it won’t be easy. This is true in life, love, school, work, everything.

9. It’s always a good time to say “I love you” to the people you care about. Overuse isn’t something to worry about.

10. A good pedicure and chocolate can cure a lot of pains. Music can too.

11. Sometimes strength means holding on, but sometimes it means knowing when it’s time to let go.

12. When you do find love. Treasure it, hold on to it, and make it a priority. It is so worth it.

13. You can learn something from everyone.

14. Self-care is not selfish, it’s essential.

15. Be kind to people. You never know what battle someone else may be facing and you never know what kind of an impact you may make on them. Make sure your influence is a positive one.

16. Let yourself love. My heart has always been wide open and I let in more people than I probably should, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will love and loose and learn and then love again every time. I am a better version of me when my heart has people to love.

17. Live your own definition of success. Don’t let others’ expectations of you get in the way of achieving what makes you feel the best.

18. Pictures of people you love and drawings from children on your wall can really make a place feel like home.

19. Other people aren’t perfect, but neither am I. (Far from it, actually) It is important to forgive. You will need forgiveness too sometimes.

20. Promises are worth keeping.

21. Go to college, dang it. The four years I spent there were the years I’ve grown and changed the most as a person, and learned who I was and wanted to be.

22. Learn a new language. Or 2. It will expand your understanding of people and the world so much.

23. Life will go on and it will be worth sticking around for.


I’ve only been on the Earth for a short time. What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned so far in this life?

Interview Clothes!

As a part of this lovely unemployed life style, I’ve been applying to jobs like it is my job. Which thankfully means I’ve been doing quite a few interview these past couple weeks. Hopefully I’ll have more to come in this coming week, and hopefully one of them will lead to an actual job!

But, because I’ve been interviewing a bunch, I have close-to-perfected the interview outfit, depending on what I’m going for. I put together a few outfits on Polyvore that are either exactly what I’ve been wearing or pretty similar. Hopefully this can help someone else out there looking for the perfect interview outfit to land their next great job!

When I was interviewing during the summer and in Georgia, I would usually wear a simple dress- cardigan- flats combo. Here, it’s colder, so I’ve adjusted the wardrobe a bit! And bonus, every piece can be bought for under $50! I’m a total sale shopper so I don’t go for super expensive stuff!

Outfit number one- The office/ PR/ Admin job outfit (s):


Basic black knee-length dress, no cleavage, with a cardigan or blazer over. Or, the other option, basic black dress pants with a jewel or deeper toned top, like my cowl-neck one I’ve been wearing around here. Or the classic white button down with a color cami underneath. I, of course, am a fan of these glitter flats. I know I need to keep it professional, but a little personality never hurts, either!

Option number 2- Casual Teaching Job outfit:

polyvore 2

When I’m interviewing for a younger-age teaching position, I know I most often will be actually interacting with the children. It’s called a “working interview” usually and I love doing them. Those kids have always given me life. This means, however, that I have to be dressed nicely, but comfortably enough that I can be moving around, lifting kids, sitting on the floor, crouching, etc. So I turn to this. My basic black pants, my FAV super soft purple cardigan. Seriously, this sweater is the greatest thing ever. I want to wear it every day. And then simple accessories, And of course an appearance from those glitter flats!

Option number three- A versatile outfit because I feel like it:

polyvore 3

This one I’ve worn for various sorts of interviews. It’s one of my favorites because it can be used for just about anything. I love pearls (the south influenced me!) And a shocker- no glitter flats! I always go with flats regardless, but I included some nude pumps here for those of you who like heels.

What are your go-to interview pieces? Have any tips for me on my seemingly never-ending job search?

Dear Class of 2017,

Happy Black Cat!

I realize many of you may never read this, but I feel the need to write it anyway.

You are all now officially Scotties. Welcome, and congratulations! You’ve made what could be the single best decision of your life, and you are most definitely in for a great adventure in the next four years.

I know you’re all currently probably thinking you’re settled in and getting the hang of this college thing, but I hope you are all in for the ride of your life.

You are the new yellow class. A class of power, determination, attitude, and strength. Our class of 2013 is trusting you to carry on this legacy as we pass the color on to you. I know it may not seem like the best of colors (I own way more blue than yellow! Red seems more intense! Green is so pretty! I hear you, trust me) BUT let me tell you, you can TOTALLY rock yellow. It will look good with whatever skin tone. And ya know, if it doesn’t, wear it proudly anyway. Make connections with your new class, your new sisters, and the place in which you will spend your next four years.

THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH YELLOW! Think outside the box. Paint things yellow. Caution tape is yellow. Some tractors are yellow. Yellow cars exist. Rubber duckies, bananas, Pikachu, the sun, macaroni and cheese, yellow submarines, itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikinis, MINIONS! You are creative women, you’ll get there, I promise. The quad looked great from the pictures, keep on owning it.

During Orientation, you most likely heard President Kiss tell you that you are feisty more than once, and she’s right. You’re joining the ranks of some of the feistiest, most amazing, intelligent, kind, and wonderful women I’ve ever met. With time, you’ll hear about the make up of your class (you guys are from all over!) You’ll hear about famous alums (Jennifer Nettles was a member of a yellow class too!) and you’ll hear about alum, staff, faculty and upperclasswomen who will help you get through these next four years. Listen to all of these incredible people. They’re right. Mostly. If you don’t think they are, say it. They’ll also be open to what you have to say.

Moving on in your Agnes Scott career, you will struggle. It will will hard. “It” meaning academics, mental stability, and life in general. I know sometimes being a first-year is hard. I know sometimes other years will be hard. You will probably fall and crash and burn at some point (or several). But don’t doubt for one minute that your sisters and the support system that surrounds you will lift you back up and help you get through each and every low point you face. The girls you are beginning to get close to will be the women that will be there for you no matter what, 2pm or 2am, just because you need them. They will be the women who will change the world and help you do the same. They will be the women who will cheer you on and celebrate your greatest achievements with you. You will learn, grow, and love together.

The chant that you undoubtedly heard a ton during Bonfire of “WE LOVE OUR SISTERS!” isn’t just words. I can tell you 100% that I love, love, love, the women that I graduated with. I love the women who will graduate in the years before you. They all inspire me to be better every single day.

Continue the legacy you’ve been left. Love each other. Support each other.

Agnes Scott isn’t just a college, it’s home for so many people. Treat it well.

We love our sisters. We love you already.


The Valkyries, Class of 2013

From our first year to our Senior year ad beyond. These women are the best.

From our first year to our Senior year and beyond. These women are the best.



This month, I’m taking part in Aquatober! Meaning I will be drinking only water for the month of October. I’m really excited about this because last month, while in Atlanta, i broke my caffeine addiction (it was so real) and feel like this is naturally the next step to take. Like I said in my Monthly Goals post, I’m going to be working on my fitness (be my witness?) this month and this is the first part of that! My only exception will be skim milk.

I got this idea from Jess and when I read about it on her blog I knew I had to join in!

I’m really excited about this and hope some of you will join me in trying this! Don’t worry about slip-ups, just start over again the next time you grab a drink.

Let me know if you’re going to join in! I’m excited to see how everyone feels!

Happy October!

How is it October already?

I realized this morning while on the phone with a friend that it really is October. That means that my birthday is this month! I thought I still had like 4 months before this happened?! I am going to be 23! For real! In my head that seems like an age that I’m supposed to have it all together or something (which I definitely don’t). But it’s just another step in the journey, I suppose!

For me, October has always been a month of change and transition. This makes it a difficult month, but an extremely necessary month. It feels like these past 6 months have been one big time of transition, but I’m hoping that things might settle down a bit by the end of the month.

My goals for this month are to:

1) Get a job!! Priority number one is get some sort of income. I’m really trying to get a job that will also be meaningful to me, but that’s hard in this economy and in my rural area. I have a couple of interviews coming up so I’m hopeful!

2) Get back on my weight loss track. I’ve been all over the place lately, and I think that if I feel better physically I will feel better emotionally!

3) Love on my family and fur-babies as much as humanly possible while I have this time that I’m not working. I’ve been living away from them for so long that this fun-employment time is like a nice long time to catch up with life here at home.
What are some of your goals for the month? Email me or leave a note in the comments so I can send you some support!