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Taking Stock!

I’ve been so out of touch with this blog lately, and I promise that is changing soon (I leave Atlanta tomorrow).

But in the mean time, I figured this would be a good way to catch up without making too lengthy of a blog post about everything that’s happening lately! (Idea from the lovely Pip!)

Making: Plans for more job searching when I get back to Idaho.
Cooking: Eggs all the time. Because that’s pretty much the only thing left in the fridge right now.
Drinking: Pumpkin Spice Lattes like it’s my job.
Reading: The Smart One by Jennifer Close.
Looking: For a job. Seriously.
Playing: Candy Crush Saga entirely too much.
Wasting: time watching Grey’s Anatomy but it’s oh-so-good.
Fixing: My dress a lot today because it keeps twisting. Personal problem, I know.
Deciding: Whether to move to Atlanta permanently.
Wishing: The answers would just come to me magically.
Enjoying: Time spent here in Atlanta with friends and my boyfriend.
Waiting: To hear back from a few companies that may or may not hire me.
Liking: Having time to just sit and relax sometimes.
Wondering: What I must have done in a past life to receive the best friends I could ever ask for.
Loving: The weather! It’s been perfect. A little chilled but not too cold!
Pondering: Which direction to go in for my Master’s degree.
Considering: Asking my boyfriend to get me a Pumpkin Spice latte on his way home today. I had a job interview so I totally earned it!
Watching: Grey’s Anatomy and Weeds. Wanting Scandal to come back so I can be watching that.
Hoping: For a job offer soon!
Marveling: Over how sweet little kids can be. I interviewed at a preschool today and the kids were already all about talking to me! It was so precious!
Needing: To figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.
Smelling: Fall. FALL! Yay! This season makes me so happy.
Wearing: A nice black interview dress and cardigan. And sparkly flats. Cause, ya know, personality.
Following: Along with the story that’s been breaking in Kenya. Breaking my heart.
Noticing: How different larger, co-ed colleges are from my small women’s college. I’m currently typing this while Chase (my boyfriend) is in class and I’m sitting in a common area and people are just SO different. Not bad, just different.
Knowing: That my education meant something, darn it.
Thinking: That there’s gotta be something more.
Feeling: Happy, confused, conflicted, loved.
Admiring: Every human with a real job.
Buying: Nothing now, my paychecks have run out, therefore the money is gone!
Getting: Ready to head home tomorrow.
Bookmarking: Job descriptions to apply for later.
Opening: My mind to different types of jobs and to the fact that I need one that will give me health insurance.
Giggling: Over ALL the things. My friends are silly. My boyfriend makes me laugh so hard sometimes I can’t breathe. Again, my friends are hilarious.
Feeling: Again, content and confused all at the same time.

Cheers to you, from my Pumpkin Spice Latte loving self.

2013-09-21 13.56.58

Back to Atlanta!

So I’ve taken a little time and run away to Atlanta. My teaching job for the summer ended about a week ago and I’m still having trouble accepting that I’m really moving back in with my parents and going to have to find a job there.

So instead of dealing with my issues like a real adult I’ve decided to run away from them for a bit. And that’s exactly what I’ve done. And exactly what I’ll continue to be doing for the next 3 weeks! I know that this is a one time opportunity (I mean seriously how many more chances am I going to have to be young and unemployed?) But I also know that it is so, so needed.

A little time with my friends and boyfriend will do me some good before I head back to Idaho and work there.

If I’m pretty scarce around here for a bit, you know why! I’m really trying to find out what I’m supposed to be doing with my life here. My mom said “I hope you find what you’re looking for.” as I left the other day. I just hope I find out what it is that I’m looking for.