Thank you Daddy, and Happy Birthday!

10 things learned from dad

Oh boy, another year! Your actual birthday was Tuesday, but blogging is weird and it made more sense to post this today. We had fun Tuesday, anyway. We found you the perfect gift and mama a car and watched way too many episodes of Storage Wars and Ice Road Trucking.

It’s been a heck of year, and Daddy, we’ve been through a lot. You’ve taught me so much through the years, but here are just 10 things I’ve learned from you.

I’ve Learned:

1) It’s really important to wave goodbye. Every. Single. Time. Even if it’s only for a 5 minute drive. It shows the person leaving that you love them a little extra and feels good to be remembered as the person being left behind.

2) “If you want it, get it!” Ok, my dad didn’t actually say this, but I thought he did. That’s a whole other story for another day. If you want something, go after it with everything you’ve got. Work hard for the things you want, and get them. Go out there, and get them.

3) Willow trees were made for swinging. Swinging and pretending to be Tarzan, that is.

4) Respect your family, respect yourself, respect others.

5) When something is beeping, flashing, or making noise in the car, I can always call dad. Always.

6) Be kind. Be the kind of person that makes others happy by existing. Smile and be enthusiastic about what other’s say.

10 things learned from dad

7) Chocolate and pizza can help many heartaches. So can new shoes.

8) Horse races are fun and exciting and the horse that starts in 3rd place will win. (sometimes)

9) “I can do anything, the impossible just takes a little longer.”

10) Lastly, and most importantly, I will always be your little girl. No matter what happens, the bond between father and daughter is unbreakable, indescribable, and lasts forever.

10 things learned from dad

Love you more, Daddy.


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15 thoughts on “Thank you Daddy, and Happy Birthday!

    1. Destiny Post author

      Right?! Dad’s are the best. They know every car sound! Even when I’m really bad at describing the noise, haha.

  1. Renée B.

    What a lovely tribute to your Dad. You are so lucky to have him in your life! Coincidentally, today is my dad’s birthday. We lost him to Parkinson’s eight years ago, and I still miss him every day. (VERY coincidentally, I also posted a list of 10 things I learned form my dad today!) Treasure every moment.


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